Bead quilt patterns finally uploaded!

I have to tell everyone right now, that trying to get an image that looks anything like a turtle is hard! I got more amorphous junk every time I tried to do anything with detail. I finally sighed, and decided to "let go."

So most of the turtle images will be very simple. I usually can work in the small, 1.5 inch format, without too much agony. I have found that using the "colouring book method" works pretty well. But I will have to confess that this time I just couldn't get the image to cooperate.

I have decided to endeavor to persevere; I will not give up! So hopefully I will have more in the next week.

I finally added a bunch of turtle patterns for using in the bead quilt. The link for the entire album is below.

album of bead quilt patterns for 2010


Ronit Florence said...

Ginger you have outdone yourself - I just love them all!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much!!!

Hugs, Ronit

Ladibug J said...

Excellent, Ginger! I love your stuff...you are so artistic. I have much to learn with design work, it is a privelege to be able to be inspired by people like yourself!!!

Beaderjojo said...

I'll definitely be doing the bead quilt again, and I'll definitely be using at least one of your patterns. Thanks so much for sharing!

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