Bossy Boy

Okay - I have to admit I am loving the chickens! -- They have been funny and entertaining WAY more than I ever expected. At one point, when they were still peeps, my youngest looked over and said, "You know mom, they're better than T.V.!" So here is a portrait of Bossy Boy, our rooster. (He was supposed to be a girl! But who can tell when they are that young? I certainly can't!) I also decided to make this in a 2.5 by 3.5, because those are the dimensions of Artist Trading Cards. I decided to try and get myself out of a designing rut to try and make one a day of something. And even though they are mostly fabric, pen and pencil, and other media - I had to do something beady. I hope I can get this worked up soon. On a different note: I have been really slack lately about posting, checking my mail and being on line in general. Mostly, the summer has been so nice and I have been outdoors a lot. While it is bad for my blogging habits, it is good for me to get fresh air. So hang in there -- I haven't given up or gone away. As soon as it starts to get cool again, I will be on the computer way too much and will be back to posting more. I am also going to spend some much needed time at the beach, where my online access is very limited. So lots of beady hugs to everyone - I'm going to go fishing and play in the sand! Final note: I would love to hear from everyone what sort of things you would like to see here - It would be awesome to come back from the beach to find some suggestions waiting in the comments section. I also know I work better when I know there is someone waiting to see the final product. So give me any and all suggestions, requests, or ideas you want to see here.

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Ronit Florence said...

Have a great time at the beach and maybe you can make some turtle patterns for the BC quilt when you come back.

Hugs, Ronit

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