Surviving Winter Doldrums part 3

Yay!! I just finished the design - "Winter Doldrums" that I posted as my first Blog entry, at the first of year. I know I am pretty slow at finishing things -(Too Many projects all going at once!) But every once in a while, I do finish something!

I especially had fun coming up with a necklace that went with all the bold color, without being too heavy. I ended up with this design, that is a modified RAW.

The main things I had to keep in mind when I designed this was to try and keep the elements balanced between shape and colour. I also wanted something very spring - summery to get me out of my winter funk. Of course it took me until Spring to finish it; but everytime I looked over at my bead board, I had bright cheery beads and shapes to cheer me up.

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Ronit Florence said...

Love it - what a great design!!!

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